Monday, August 6, 2012

Wedding anniversary, wine, etc...

My daughter closed out of my tabs on the computer while I attempted to write a new post. So, let's try this again...

Today is my husband and my first wedding anniversary! Since, he is currently in his clinicals at a local hospital and then works part time after, I won't get to see him too long today. So, we spent the weekend celebrating. I took him on a surprise trip up to Traverse City, MI. We camped out with a couple of our friends, although we weren't at the campground very long. Traverse City is known for...well...basically cherries and wine. We stopped to about 5 different wineries and did some taste testing. We actually did pretty well and only bought 4 bottles of wine to bring home. We drank one bottle on Saturday night and gave one to my aunt who was watching our daughter for us while we were gone. The last time we went up there, which was our honeymoon, we ended up buying 6 and we had only gone to one last time! The lady that waited on us patiently while we tried our wines described our favorite as, "Christmas in bottle." I've provided a picture of the bottle and a link to their website on the right. If you like wine and you like Christmas, this would be my suggestion to you. We bought two bottles of this and this is the one that we ended up giving to my aunt. I'm sure this one will not make it until Christmas, especially since today is our anniversary, I think I can con my husband into cracking this baby open tonight when he gets home. 

So, Nick and I both procrastinated and were empty-handed when it came to gifts for our anniversary. We both seem to be so busy with work, Hailey and everything else that goes on our lives. We decided that we would buy each other's presents while we were walking down the shops in Traverse City. We ended up at a bookstore, go figure, and both picked out what we wanted. How appropriate, right? First anniversaries have the symbol of paper and bought each other paper. I'm excited to read them. In fact, I ended up reading Are you there Vodka? It's me, Chelsea on the car ride home and finished up this morning. I enjoy reading bios and definitely like reading ones that comedians write. Some of my favorites include Ellen Degeneres, Chelsea Handler, Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling. 

I'm off now to go pick up more books on my hold list at the local library and spend the day having a girl's day with my daughter. I think she's got some things planned like going out to eat, dressing up and dancing around the apartment. I've just got to make sure I make it out and pick up some groceries for dinner tonight. Dessert of course will be the top of our wedding cake last year. I hope Nick likes the flattened and freezer burnt cake.

Laters, Jenkies

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