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Finding Summerland: The Ameryn Chronicles #1 Review

Finding Summerland: The Ameryn Chronicles #1
Author: Paige Bleu
Series: The Ameryn Chronicles
Book #: 1 out of 5
Read: August 14, 2012 - August 20, 2012
My Rating: 4 stars

Author's Synopsis:
After his brothers recent disapearance Wesley Rochester wished he could just fade into obscurity. Searching for closure, he's haunted by visons. Consumed with decoding the messages, he begins turning dangerously deeper inward. Enter an intriguing, 'not quite' human stranger, who mysteriously arrives just as he feels all hope is lost. Together they begin to realize that their destinies are intricately tangled in a drama reaching far beyond the realms of the wold they know. Discovering the secrets plaguing wesley since childhood are no coincidence, and everything he believes is shattered. Captivated by her, he must decide between the life he has and the one he'd forgotten. 

'Finding Summerland' is like 'Twilight' in the sense that it is a supernatural, coming of age romance—but has a genre bending, metaphysical element and a much deeper rabbit hole. Follow the journey of two star crossed souls as they explore who they are and the ties that bind them. Enter a world intentionally forgotten. A place buried by history, where only the chosen are aware of its existence. A place covenants are made and broken, where myth leads to truth and forbidden love threatens to destroy or be destroyed, becoming just another casualty in their shadow war. 

The introductory novel in a series of five, called 'The Ameryn Chronicles'—but compelling enough to stand alone—'Finding Summerland' is sure to be savored by anyone craving to stretch the bounds of ordinary imagination, edgy enough to engage readers who enjoy unravelling a mystery, and sweet enough to grab onto the hearts of the romance lovers! Where legends breathe and dreams are alive. A 'trippy' journey to a new reality.

Jenkies' Review:

This book was provided through a Read to Review. A great big thank you to the author for sharing this with me. Here is my honest review of the book...

This book is described as something similar to Twilight and while I can see some similarities, I think it definitely has its own story.  I enjoyed the love story aspect and watching it unfold. I also loved the characters. I felt that I could really connect with the main character, Wes, and understand everything he was feeling.

Let's start with the intro - I liked how the story started. It quickly gave away that there was some sort of supernatural feel to it. While it gives that much, it doesn't nearly explain all parts and, to be honest, leaves you confused and wanting to read more to make sense of it. However, I should warn you the end of the book doesn't explain the entire first scene and definitely leaves you on a HUGE cliffhanger.

I rated this a 4 instead of a 5 because I found myself getting a little lost when they were providing some back-story. At the beginning, it seemed to go slowly because I was so eager to find out what they were talking about during the first scene. The book really started picking up about 75 or so pages in. The last 100 pages seemed to go by very fast because I couldn't put the book down.

I'm pretty bummed the second book isn't out yet. I want to find out what happens next! I truly believe that this is going to be a great set of books.

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  1. Thank you so much for your awesome review! I wanted to let you know that I'm working hard on having the second installment, 'LivEternal', out around December! I know people were frustrated by the cliff-hanger and dying to know what happens. I have to warn you though, the series is 5 books long so you still won't have All the answers....enough to keep you engaged though ;) Happy reading, peace everyone


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