One Million Pages

I'm joining the challenge to read one million pages in a lifetime!

Here are the books that I have read starting from March of this year, since that is when I started posting books onto goodreads as I was reading them...
Total Pages for 2012: 
12,599 pages

March 2012:
Hunger Games: 374 pages
Catching Fire: 391 pages
Mockingjay: 390 pages
The Giver:  179 pages
Total Pages: 1,334 pages

April 2012:
Gathering Blue: 240 pages
Messenger: 169 pages
Total Pages:  409 pages

May 2012:

June 2012:
The Host: 619 pages
Fifty Shades of Grey: 514 pages
Fifty Shades Darker: 452 pages
Fifty Shades Freed: 579 pages
Total Pages: 2,164 pages

July 2012:
Divergent: 487 pages
Insurgent:525 pages
Matched: 366 pages
Crossed: 367 pages
If you hear her: 400 pages
If you see her: 372 pages
If you know her: 358 pages
The Walking Dead Compendium One: 1,088 pages
The Walking Dead Compendium Two: 1,068 pages
Storm Front: 352 pages
Total Pages: 5,383

August 2012:
The Knife of Never Letting Go: 479 pages
Batman: The Killing Joke: 48 pages
Prowl: 216 pages
Are you there Vodka? It's me, Chelsea: 264 pages
The Ask and The Answer: 519 pages
Water for Elephants: 335 pages
Finding Summerland: The Ameryn Chronicles: 270 pages
Uglies: 427 pages
Starters: 336 pages
Total Pages: 2,894 pages

September 2012:
Gone Girl: 415 pages
Total Pages so far: 415 pages

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