Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Brady Bunch, sleep talking and bacon - oh my!

Here's a story of a lovely lady....

I introduced The Brady Bunch to my daughter last night. She absolutely loves it. We ended up watching almost an entire disc of it (my sister owns the entire season on DVDs). We watched 5 out of 6 episodes on that first disc. It was then time for bed where Hailey insisted on having the second disc put on in her bedroom while she goes to sleep.
Hailey watching The Brady Bunch

First thing this morning, guess what Hailey asked to watch? Yup, The Brady Bunch. Maybe I'll see if I can put her hair in braided pigtails today so she can look like her new friend, Cindy Brady.

She doesn't quite know all the words to the song at the beginning so all I am hearing is, "The Brady Bunch....The Brady Bunch...The Brady Bunch..."

My husband woke up not long ago and asked me why I was talking to him last night about bacon. I was pretty confused, naturally. He said that I sit up in the middle of the night and asked him if he wanted bacon. He asked me a few times what was I talking about. Sleep Tera isn't so nice, I guess, since I snapped at him and said, "Well, do you want bacon or not?!"

So, I've recently started reading Water for Elephants. It seems like a pretty good book, but I'm not going to lie at the very beginning it was pretty sad. I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue on and read the book, but I've heard several great things about it through family and friends. So, I'll keep going on reading it. I have a strong feeling that I'm going to cry at some point. The beginning also has a feel of The Notebook and as you know, I now avoid anything Nicholas Sparks writes because that made me cry...well...still does when I see the movie.

I'll include my review after I have finished reading, of course. :)

Have a great Saturday folks!


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  1. I tend to also avoid books that make me cry. But I really enjoyed Water for Elephants. You should definitely keep with it...but maybe keep a box of tissues near :)


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