Saturday, September 22, 2012


It has been far too long since I've last posted and I apologize for that! It has been such a busy month! Hailey started school, I joined the PTA at her school, I've started back up volunteering at church, Hailey's soccer started back up again, my birthday was this past week and Hailey's birthday and party are next weekend.

Needless to say, I've been pretty busy. The time I have spent at home has been a mix between preparing for Hailey's birthday party and a little reading before bed. Not a whole lot of housework has gotten done either. So, during the day today I'm spending some time trying to get caught up with that. Tonight I am going out to celebrate my birthday that was this past Wednesday. We are going to a comedy show in Ann Arbor. I've never been to one before, so I'm pretty excited for it.

There is this app that you can get on your Kindle or even on a tablet (which is what I have) that tells you what books are free for the day on Amazon. I love this app. I've downloaded so many books lately. I should note that this app is based off of a blog. I've got the link below, so you don't even have to download it as an app! This past week I've been trying to focus on actually reading them! I'm hoping I'll have a chance today to add a review of the one I've actually finished reading.

So, if you weren't aware the name of the app is called Free Kindle Books and Tips. I'm thinking about having a section of what books I've downloaded from this app and what I want to read, so if you want to join in, you can.

Currently I'm reading Practice Cake by Dalya Moon. I'm about halfway through it and I'm really enjoying it and eager to see how it turns out.

I hope everyone is doing well and as I get in a set routine with all the craziness of my life, I'll be sure to update more often! :)

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